Healing Love & Forgiveness Ministries
Freeing the Mind and Liberating the Spirit
through God's Healing, Love, and Forgiveness

Upcoming Events

June 26 & 27 2015 - Mens Conference

September 11 & 12 2015 - Womens Conference

November 18 - 20 2015 - Marriage Retreat

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Welcome to Our Website

H.L.F. Ministries, Inc. is a non profit ministry organization that has been developed to provide educational training, conference, retreat and other support services to help professionals and caregivers who work or volunteer to better the lives of others in our communities. H.L.F. Ministries, Inc. further provides other conference training opportunities relative to chronic stress management which are designed to relieve stress induced illnesses and injuries. At the conclusion of the two day conference retreat, our invited caregivers and helping professionals will be given a certificate and named Healing, Love, Forgiveness (H.L.F.) Ambassadors. These H.L.F. Ambassadors will have had the opportunity to see and show the value of self love, self acceptance and self awareness through the power of healing, love and forgiveness and will be empowered to go back into our communities to demonstrate and educate other men and women by way of HLF Community Meetings.

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